God and Guns: Faith and Firearms in American History

Moderator:  Joseph Slaughter (Associate Director, Center for the Study of Guns & Society) Panelists: Katherine Carté (Southern Methodist University): “Religion, Guns, and Violence in Revolutionary America” Michael J. McVicar (Florida State University): “White Conservative Evangelicals and Firearms in the Late Twentieth Century” Jenny Wiley Legath (Princeton University): “’This House Protected Read more…

Guns in Colonial and Antebellum America

Moderator: Crystal Feimster (Yale University) Panelists: David J. Silverman (George Washington University): “The First American Gun Crisis” Kevin Sweeney (Amherst College): “Guns in the Cultures of Eighteenth-Century America” Saul Cornell (Fordham University): “Abolitionism, Armed Self-defense, and Firearms Regulation in Antebellum America” (Photos by Czarina Yuffa.)

Student Research Presentations

Moderator: Jennifer Tucker (Founding Director, Center for the Study of Guns & Society, and Associate Professor of History, Wesleyan) Presenters: Carlotta Gidal (CSS, ’23) Latonya Smith (CS and ECON, ’24) Alex Trufinescu (CSS, ’23) Emma Tuhabonye (’23) Lucia Voges (AMST, ’23) (Photos by Kseniia Guliaeva.)

Museums and Firearms History

Moderator: Leah Glaser (Central Connecticut State University) Panelists:            Alex MacKenzie, Springfield Armory National Historic Site (National Park Service) Amy Glowacki, Coltsville National Historic Park (National Park Service) Danny Michael, Buffalo Bill Center of the West (Cody Firearms Museum) Jackie Loveland, John Moses Browning Mansion (Photos by Kseniia Guliaeva.)

Guns and Society

Fall 2022, Fall 2023 Taught by Jennifer Tucker This course examines the changing place of guns in U.S. society, from the colonial era through to the present day. Readings and discussions consider guns both as material objects involved in specific ways of life and as symbols and sites of contested Read more…