Wesleyan University offers several courses associated with the center on topics around guns and society. Explore course descriptions and more below.



  • Guns and Society
    Fall 2022, Fall 2023 Taught by Jennifer Tucker This course examines the changing place of guns in U.S. society, from the colonial era through to the present day. Readings and discussions consider guns both as material objects involved in specific ways of life and as symbols and sites of contested… Read more: Guns and Society
  • God & Guns: the History of Faith and Firearms in America
    Spring 2023, Spring 2024 Taught by Joseph Slaughter This course examines the history of firearms and religion in the United States, ultimately seeking to understand the significance of gun culture within American Christianity and the powerful “God & Guns” story at the core of many Americans’ identity. Beginning with an… Read more: God & Guns: the History of Faith and Firearms in America
  • War and Society
    Fall 2022 Taught by Peter Rutland While most societies condemn physical violence between individuals, they condone and encourage collectively organized violence in the form of warfare. War is obscene, yet all modern societies have engaged in warfare. This course will examine war as a social, political, and historical phenomenon. We… Read more: War and Society